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The WMPH Story (1969-2010)

as told by Clint Dantinne employed 1993-2010
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We are proud to have two unique closed-circuit television channels seen by any classroom TV set within the school. This idea was developed in 1995 by former teacher David Brown and myself. Our television facility also works in cooperation with local cable community access television.

Our video studios are complete with multiple cameras and teleprompters, on-air control room, and video production room. Our learning objective is to teach video literacy.  See Mr. Dantinne on the school announcements in 2009 via YOU TUBE, click HERE.

Brandywine School District Referendum
During school referendums, we have not only aired informative announcements on our radio station but created promotional video ads too.  Click HERE for YOU TUBE video.


In addition to television, we have an after school Film Club.

Film Club
Students learn the techniques of filmmaking then collaborate to create their own short films.


School Recording
Our audio recording club also meets after school.  Our school music lab teaches audio recording and editing within our Communications Technology curriculum during the day.

We have recorded and edited school concerts, live performances, and even student bands.


Puppets in Education
Our Broadcast Learning Center began a creative and entertaining division called Puppets in Education.

Our student write scripts, record dialogue, then mix in sound effects and background music to the final audio recording.

After rehearsing, the puppet team can perform for the elementary schools.

In this picture, our puppet team performs at Maple Lane Elementary School.

The Puppets in Education program is an effective and entertaining teaching tool.

Web Sites, Public Information, and Alumni Liaison

I am also the creator and webmaster of the school site: MPHS KNIGHTS dot com.  In 2009, brandywineschools.org/mphs became the new official school site.  Mphsknights.com was then designated as our historical society, hall of fame, and alumni association site.

Any parent, teacher, student, or alumnus can go to the site and always find up-to-date information.  I also sent a weekly informative email update to all teachers and faculty.

This is the original site used until 2009. As the webmaster, I have also become a type of public information officer for the school...

...and alumni liaison. Alumni from all class years contact me for reunion information. On the web site, I created an individual page for each graduating class complete with information and pictures from their yearbook.  I have sent a monthly e-mail newsletter to our alumni. We also provide social networking opportunities.

As the coordinator for the school alumni association, I frequently give tours to alumni classes. Pictured is the Class of 1959 at their 50th reunion in October 2009. This was the first class to graduate from our present school building on Washington Street Extension.

This is an image of the new mphsknights.com site I developed in 2009.  Now a web portal for all things ‘Mount Pleasant’, it is primarily used for the historical society, hall of fame, and alumni association site.

Within the mphsknights.com site, a series of pages are devoted to our Broadcast Learning Center of the Brandywine School District.

In addition to the high school website, we have the radio station site at WMPH dot org. 

I also created social networking pages for Mount Pleasant High School including MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.


During my work with the school, I had been the school newspaper adviser for a couple years. I still work closely with the newspaper students encouraging their role in broadcast journalism for our radio station.

Aside from the newspaper, I sent a weekly staff newsletter by email to the faculty.  It contained relevant information for the school and teaching profession, upcoming events, recent highlights, faculty birthdays, and other morale-boosting tidbits.

Historical Society

Mount Pleasant Historical Society
The school is a vital part of the community. It has brought me great satisfaction to have founded and chaired the Mount Pleasant Historical Society.

Mount Pleasant High School Anniversary Wilmington Delaware
We celebrated the 175th anniversary of the original Mount Pleasant schoolhouse. The one room school house opened in 1830. In 2005, we honored the 175 years of education our school has given the community. I coordinated the special festivities with shuttle bus service to three Mount Pleasant locations around our homecoming weekend.

Mount Pleasant Hall of Fame
A result of the 175th anniversary was the establishment of the Mount Pleasant Hall of Fame. Beginning in 2005, the school now holds an induction ceremony every two years for alumni and former faculty that have been confirmed by a nominating committee for significant accomplishments and contributions to the school.

Mount Pleasant Historical Marker
After months of working with the State of Delaware and other public officials, we had a grand ceremony in May 2007 as a Historical Marker was placed at the original Mount Pleasant schoolhouse.  I wrote the first draft of text to be placed on the marker. Click HERE for a press release and HERE for the ceremony list of events.

The present building location of Mount Pleasant High School opened in 1958. We also celebrated the 50th anniversary of our building in 2008.  The Golden Knight award on behalf of the historical society and PTSA was presented to principal Jim Simmons at homecoming.

The Mount Pleasant Historical Society recovered this unique piece of Mount Pleasant History and restored it to a prominent area for display in cooperation with our school environmental club. Theta is a jade sculpture made exclusively for Mount Pleasant High School in 1971.

Hall of Fame

The Mount Pleasant Hall of Fame was a result of the 175th school anniversary in 2005 as coordinated by the Mount Pleasant Historical Society.

In 2005, we honored five inductees in a grand ceremony and dinner.

In 2007, we honored six inductees.

And in 2009, we honored seven inductees. All inductees are immortalized in the main lobby of the high school.

Click HERE for Mount Pleasant Hall of Fame inductees pertaining to WMPH radio station.

School Communicator, Ambassador, and Morale Booster

Clint Dantinne Mount Pleasant High School
Other memorable experiences of my work with the school include announcing the names of graduates at the commencement ceremonies, obtaining a WMPH brick in the walkway of the county library, interviewing the governor on our radio station, and meeting many of our politicians.

Clint Dantinne Stanley's Tavern
I’ve also enjoyed boosting the morale of our school. I had a cheerleading megaphone with our school colors and initials created. Our teachers gathered after school at Stanley’s, a local sports bar and restaurant, for a dedication ceremony. The megaphone still hangs in honor at the establishment.

"Every creation inspires generations!" That is the creed of WMPH and the Broadcast Learning Center through the legacy of Mount Pleasant High School.

I’d like to think the school and our community is a better place because of the Broadcast Learning Center and Mount Pleasant Historical Society. There is no greater job satisfaction than to nurture a community.

In conclusion, I took these aerial pictures of Mount Pleasant High School in the summer of 2008. The Delaware National Guard took me up in a Blackhawk helicopter to photograph the three high schools of the Brandywine School District. Thank you for taking time to share in my memories of Mount Pleasant High School.