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What I Do

My passion has always been involvement with content creation and live events.  I have experience as a radio station manager, media center coordinator, professional educator, public information officer, event planner, and entrepreneur.  My career path has also given me additional experience in sales, marketing, television, entertainment, audio recording, writing, broadcast journalism, photography, studio engineering, and more.

Boosting morale, offering encouragement, and providing exceptional customer service are important to me.  I still maintain the leadership philosophies and best practices learned while working at Walt Disney World.  I am proud to have been personally involved with helping many charities and non-profit organizations over the years.

Throughout my work experience at the Brandywine School District, I developed and sustained numerous community partnerships.  I communicated regularly to a wide audience including faculty, parents, students, alumni, and the general populace within this large organization.  Being the general manager of WMPH 91.7 FM, I turned the defunct high school radio station into a 24-hour a day entertaining and profitable part of the community.  During my tenure, I had trained hundreds of students.  Many of my former students have credited their association at WMPH as a major influence in their career path.  I also began a second broadcast facility called WMPH 2 Internet Radio.  I am the founder and former coordinator for the Broadcast Learning Center of the Brandywine School District that includes not only the radio stations, but a closed-circuit television facility, recording studio, film club, school newspaper, puppet club, and school web site.  I was also the founder and chairperson for the Mount Pleasant Historical Society celebrating a legacy of learning since 1830.  Click HERE to see my online story of WMPH.

I then worked with the Dance Radio Network LLC.  I founded the company to create and distribute programming to affiliate radio stations via satellite.  I also provide disc jockey, photo booth, and multimedia production services under the name Colonel C.  Most recently, I became president of a public relations and creative marketing agency.

I have an excellent work ethic and a strong sense of community service.  I present a professional image in all my work through creativity and innovative solutions.  I thrive on a fast-paced work environment, generate enthusiasm for each task with focused optimism, and consciously understand the logistics of 'the process'.  My greatest source of professional satisfaction is to exceed expectations on a regular basis.  As an approachable manager, I know how to treat people with respect, handle difficult situations with care, practice diplomacy, track performance, and seek results with team collaboration.  As a subordinate, my reputation is that of hard work and respectfulness.  I achieve predetermined goals by delivering quality results on time and under budget.  My sense of persistent observation and eagerness to always engage in learning may be attributed to my well-rounded outlook.  I love the feeling of accomplishment and measuring success!

My skills include a comprehensive knowledge of computers and engineering.  I designed the WMPH radio studios with an architect and worked with contractors during the building process.  I personally installed all the studio and transmitting equipment.  For the Dance Radio Network, I also installed the broadcast studios and satellite network.  I have a great deal of experience with audio applications including concert recordings and editing.  My computer skills include office applications, web site design, creative print advertisement layout, audio / video non-linear editing, and network installations.  I also have had previous television experience with studio cameras, videotape, master control, UHF transmitters, and satellite equipment. 

In summary, I am an effective communicator utilizing 21st century technologies and traditional face to face methodologies.  My goal is to be connected and informed on both professional and personal levels.  Understanding value is critical.  I keep relevant by continually engaging in business learning materials such as books, magazines, webinars, and MOOCs.  I attend industry meetings, conferences, conventions and expos.  Information could be considered my product by which I process, communicate, and archive.

My Quote for the Day:  Words have meanings.  Actions have consequences.